Monday, 7 July 2014

Literature Review

Short review

Crops need a place to grow which has nutrients and water to grow and by putting it in a self-sufficient box to allow itself to grow automatically for harvest and the needs the have the best minerals for maximum growth.

Possible research questions

- What minerals are most suitable for maximum growth of certain crops?
- Will the over-dosage of water and minerals kill the crops ? If so, how are we suppose to prevent that?
- How can we allow the crops to have enough sunlight in a box ? (especially if they are stacked up)
- Does the crop have enough space in a box?
- What can the box be made of to suit the plants needs ?
- How can crops grow on their own ?
- What does the minerals/ fertilizers contain, any side effects that will affect the plant ?
- How are we suppose to maintain the right temperature for the crops to grow faster?
- How can we make it more creative and innovative rather than just a boring box?

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