3. Results

3.1 Our results

Day 1:
The plant is healthy and growing properly.

Day 2:
The plant is still quite green and healthy looking.

Day 3:
Some of the leaves start to wilt a little, therefore we added a little more water to the soil.

Day 4:
More leaves wilted while the soil is still damp, therefore we added a little more fertilizer.

Day 5:
The plants seem the same as the previous day but with some leaves dropped off and the pants start to slant downwards.

Day 6 & Day 7:
We were unable to check on the status of the plant during the weekend.

Day 8:
The plant is lying flat on the soil with most of the leaves wilted.

3.2 Final results

The plant was unable to survive in the box, probably due to missing out other factors that could affect the plant growth such as humidity and temperature.

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