5. Conclusion

5. Conclusion

5.1 Summary of conclusion and findings

In the end, we managed to build a 60cm x 40cm x 40cm box, but the engineering part failed. We did not manage to make an automatic pump but we manage to get a  automatic watering system that is connected to the tap which benefitted our project as it controls the amount of water entering and leaving the system. We also managed to control the amount of light that was given to the plant.

Our Findings

However, we did not consider the several factors which might affect our plant.

Conditions :

- Temperature (What temperature can the plant endure that will ensure its survival)

- Humidity (The moisture in its surround that will not make the plant loss more water through transpiration)

- Environment (The location which it is placed in and how well can it adapt to it and how well it is being handled with)

5.2 Practical Application

We connected a battery powered water computer to a tap which controls the amount of water flowing in the system and a pressure reducer which controls the pressure to ensure the best performance. We also connected to pipes with dripper that will sprinkle water to the plant to ensure its survival.

We connected the system to a toilet at level 3 which we also used an electrical timer which controls the amount of light entering the plant that can sustain it.

5.3 Areas for further study

From our current experiment, we know that the amount of light and colour shown onto plants affect the plant and due to our set-up box, we know that red and blue light is good for plants and it is efficient and cost-effective.

However, we can further study the type of water used as particles inside the water may also affect the plant, it has also been shown how water quality testing can be used to find the types of particles found in water.

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